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Time Blocking: The Technique That Makes You Own Your Time

Is multitasking really as efficient as it's made out to be? Or is there a better way that helps you feel more in control of your time?

Find the answers in this intriguing article.

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Time management procrastination work-life integration


  • PoDeSu

    On Reading , felt it will work . after reading SivaInAveva comments ..gives a hope it will work . Wil follow this week :-)

  • RVSV

    Useful article. Would be good if a format is shared to create the weekly tasks list and designing the blueprint referred to in the article.

  • Arjun1991

    This works for sure.. reduces procrastination a lot and improves focus and decision making in all

  • SivaInAveva

    This is a proven technique that worked for me.

  • Cancer67

    Indeed, completely agree. Felt good reading this here- it was sort of validation for how I work. Have often been told I have OCD for everything to be perfect....and accepted it too.

    I guess people who do such things are by and large very particular about the way they function and this model is effective if it is inherent...not so sure if it can be learnt. People who are not methodical by habit, may find this an irritant...to block their calendar...