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Toxic friends

While it is true that not all friends cause pain, it is also true that the pain caused by a friend is often the most difficult to forgive and forget. So how does one prevent this kind of pain? How can one recognize which friends are worth keeping and which will only become more and more hazardous as time passes? The list may help in preventing errors that are unnecessary and painful, so that you can cherish friends who are always there for you.

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  • JemimahS


  • atuffd

    Mocking is now considered as a way of being funny. At times people hurt others, unknowingly when trying to act funny. Just laugh out at that situation and later tell them how it hurts, because the person's behavior erodes your self confidence. Self anayze the situation at times we may tend to overreact.

  • ssarode

    Hi, how to act after someon make mockery of me and when it hurts me. I usually stop talking as this is my mothers idea to stay away from such situations but when ever they make mockery it hurts me. i haven't dobe mockery of someone, if any, atleast i haven't hurted anyone. please help Thanks, sanket