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Walk Your Way to Health

All of us are aware of the benefits of physical activity to remain fit. However the physical activity need not be anything strenuous or complicated, something as simple as a regular brisk walk has huge health benefits.

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  • Vardhan1

    Do climbing up and climbing down the stair case is Good for Knee Health ,which one will be more effective .

  • LathaN

    Walking is good and makes healthy.. While Walking, blood circulates to all the parts and its functioning proper way. Walking is good for our health. A nice proverb : Health is Wealth!!! Have a nice day!!!!

  • santhoshsanu

    what about cycling ???? does workout for reducing the fat ??

  • ctchetan

    Daily 5 km walk keep your heart healthy

  • mask7192

    indeed walking is a must in today's so called techies lifestyle which makes one a lazy couch potato. I make sure i walk as much as i can and complete 5 km walk mixed with running 3 to 4 days a week. Happy walking !!

  • moturi007

    Shoes with the right sole is very important for a good walk. Happy walking.

  • Neve

    Choosing the right gear is very important, I agree. The shoes that fit your feet snugly with proper support are probably the most important gear needed for Walking/Running. I make it a point to walk for 5 kms atleast 3 times a week. Lets do it, everyone!

  • Pandari

    Daily morning walk is always good for health.....good one