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Walking : Stay Motivated

Walking is one of the easiest and convenient ways to be active, to get fit, to lose weight and to be healthier. Studies have shown that walking reduces the risk of heart diseases, diabetes and some cancers. 

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  • SandeshPatil


  • truptikhanka

    The article helps, m planing to start from tomorrow morning:)

  • ashu7818

    i am walking daily around 40 min....i hope my triglyceride level go down...the key point of article is to vary the length and track...

  • rka10

    I am walking from past 2 weeks and feel very active. I walk on same route but keep varying length like someday 2.5 Km or 3.5 Km

  • ibm_nasastry@in.ibm.com

    I am practicing "Make walking a part of your routine". I started walking in my office campus (for about 10 minutes covering 1Km) * 3 times a day.

  • NatarajS09

    The aricle motivates to start walking from tomorrow

  • sweetrash87

    Very nice article......

  • cnarashimaiah

    Yes, it is a good article.

  • bit274

    me too

  • dhams

    yes, it is really nice article. I am planning to start from tomorrow morning onwards :)