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What Not to Say to Kids

This article helps parents to introspect and look at patterns in their communication styles with their children and thereby enhance the parent child relationship.

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  • vidushir

    Reading it as a child, I could see how all of these statements do not help my relationship with my parents and I appreciate how it has been linked to another article for more effective communication between parents and children. But if these statements were backed by some reasoning as to why parents shouldn\'t be saying this to their kid then I think it would have been more impactful. As of now it just looks like a checklist of statements one shouldn\'t say, without giving them a reason why they shouldn\'t.

  • embadia

    please explain "what to say'

  • Naimath

    Yes.... I am agree with you promod. "What To Say" also require.....

  • gbprakash

    Not able to find appropriate alternatives for each conversation mentioned as "Not To Say". This article is not making a difference with out the same.

  • deepaknk

    Is there a reply on 'What to Say'? this seems to be easier said than done

  • energy1

    Explanation required for "What to SAY"

  • Sherlie

    What to say! Please try saying what you want to be told when you are in that situation!

  • kumari

    what to say during such situations?

  • Sonal

    PL explain 'What to say'

  • pramodjajoo

    Its really good. But along with 'What not to say', if 'What to say' also mentioned, could help more.