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What assertiveness is

Some of us have been told that we need to be more assertive, yet we wonder if that is really something that we want for ourselves. There is a tendency to confuse assertiveness with aggressiveness - a quality that is not desirable in healthy relationships. This article should help clarify the difference between assertive, aggressive and passive behaviour.

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    Well explained the meaning of being assertive (y)

  • amitp1402

    Very helpful article..!!

  • Pjag

    interesting article

  • sbkselvi

    good article

  • nederland

    Very good article. helpful for healthy relationship.

  • svempaty

    Well explained..!! Totally agree..!!

  • Cusack

    Reading this article makes me realise that I have a passive behaviour. Any suggestions on what to work on, to move towards being assertive?

  • vatmehta

    Nice & Helpful...

  • safi84u

    Very Good Article..

  • comex

    very good article

  • Pandari


  • one2oneuser

    Me too have the same question as above from Kumarvikash07

  • Kumarvikash07

    Passive behaviour is not good for any one so how can we change this behaviour to assertive behaviour