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What to do When You Make a Mistake at Work

Imagine forgetting an important deadline or discovering that your coding was all wrong or that the financials that you presented to your boss were miscalculated? Did you feel mortified or freeze with fear, not knowing what to do next? All of us make mistakes whether it is in the personal realm or the professional one. Here are a few tips to help you with damage control and bounce back at work.

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  • narasimhiah

    Nice article

  • ncsharma

    1to1 help platform is commendable initiative.

  • dhakekp

    Nice article

  • Endurance

    Nice one

  • happylama

    Nice article.
    Being honest and owning up things will make you a better, stronger and trust worthy person. Believe me, by being genuine , you will only gain more rather than loosing, even after making a mistake.

  • SESA378187

    Very good article....with practical approach!

  • agarw

    great article to read on...thanks a lot!!!!

  • loveislife

    good and thank u so much

  • PrabhanjanaShandilya

    Very Useful

  • cheemaokeree

    One of the best things to end with in such a situation is to tell the customer/boss what steps you have taken to prevent such instances in future. It helps reinforce trust better than mere words.

  • prashantphadatare

    Good idea.But need to present more elobrative and explianatory

  • luckykirar

    useful tips ...thanx

  • memukesh36

    Very smart tips...........

  • Soumen_Chakraborty

    It?s an useful tools in our day today life.

  • Pramod KB

    "Poka Yoke" Mistake proofing is great concept in lean manufacturing adopted by the Japenese quality management team, Same can be applied @ work

  • subhojit.halder

    great....it helps me

  • amreshtiwary

    nice one,its true the one who is afraid of making mistakes can never do anything new or creative in life.

  • ibm_saritgup@in.ibm.com

    good to safe ourselves

  • teju06

    Great article! Thank You

  • sriabi

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