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Why You Need to Save

Living from pay cheque to pay cheque is frightening for anyone, but especially so for someone with a single income and a family to support. Here are some reasons which may make you consider the importance of building some savings in your account.

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  • BhaveshGandhi

    Basic Info..Should contain detailed info

  • mosin130

    nice, but can you make a part 2 with more comprehensive ways of investing, like trusted types of mutual funds and other good ways for long term investing?

  • sankargiet

    good and simple,usable for everyone.

  • aprani

    information is gud but very basic,should include about saving policies

  • 574733


  • dshashee

    Nice one. Very basic and must to do things for better and sustained life.

  • bhavesh961990

    information is good, but should also include information on saving options like SIP, mutual funds,PPF,NPS etc

  • e3016804


  • e3016804


  • naukudka