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Social media sites have undoubtedly made a huge impact on our personalities, relationships, culture and various other aspects of our lives.

According to the Economic Times, "the World of Work Report states that around 32% of the total time spent on social media during working hours is used for personal work, indicating a huge loss of official resources and productivity. Additionally, 13% of the total productivity is lost owing to the social media indulgence alone".

That being said, there are studies that prove otherwise. So, it is important for us to honestly ask ourselves how much social media is actually impacting us. To be clear, we are referring to the use of online platforms for socializing or other personal uses.

Here are some questions that you could answer in order to understand how much social media is impacting your productivity.

• Do you frequently use social media while you are at work?

• Once you start browsing through a social media site, do you get distracted from your work and not finish it on time?

• Have you been questioned or pointed out by colleagues or seniors for using social media at work?

With our long working hours, we have become so captivated by social media sites that we can't help ourselves but use these sites throughout the day. We usually do this assuming that we may be giving our minds a break or we may just be bored or distracted. Checking that social media platform provides an escape. We may feel relaxed after using it. However, while we are doing this, we aren't getting any work done and our minds get caught up with the information we got from the social media site. Hence, shifting the focus back to work becomes difficult.

Research also states that adults who typically use social media sites before or during sleep hours are more likely to suffer from tiredness and cognitive impairment.

If you feel that social media is taking your time at work and impacting your productivity, then here are some things that you could try. These tips will help you reduce that usage but still be up to date with what is happening and stay in touch with people.

1. Be aware of the amount of time you are using social media at work or even on non-working days.

2. Set particular time periods for yourself to use these sites.

3. Stick to the time slot by reminding yourself through post its, setting wall papers that remind you to stop, etc.

4. Turn off your notifications for these sites when you are at work.

5. If you have a big assignment, deactivate your account for a few days until the work is done.

6. If you need a break at work, consider getting up and taking a small walk, talking to a colleague or having a small, healthy snack.

7. Ask your friends not to message you will you are at work, unless it's absolutely urgent.

It is said that social media is here to stay, so why not figure out a way to manage it as well as enjoy it? A good first step would be to work on managing time at work better and set clear goals for ourselves. This would ensure that we are utilizing work time well and increasing productivity, which in turn will benefit our careers.

These are points that you may already be aware of, however, implementing them is where the challenge often lies. If you would like to know more about this subject or want guidance and support for the same, please register on our website, or you can contact a counsellor by calling us at 1800 270 1790.



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It?s a very useful article which encapsulates the struggle a lot of us face already, of not being able to manage our social media exposure. It was structured very well ? by addressing the problems factually, highlighting why it is a problem, conditions which increase the problem and the steps which can be taken to manage the problem. It was also heartening to see that the author addressed that there can still be problems in undertaking the highlighted steps, and what to do in case someone faces those problems

RAMAKRISHNA007 on 22 Apr 2019, 17:55 PM

Nice & applicable article

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helpful, timely article to act before the loss multiples.

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