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Have you thought of qualities that would help your child in being a well adjusted individual as they grow up? Parents wonder about ways in which they can help their child be prepared for the roles and responsibilities they will take on. Teaching your child to express themselves appropriately, building meaningful relationships can be tough. Here are some ways in which you can teach them these skills.

Some teaching opportunities while parenting:

Teach children to handle frustration: Differentiating between a child's feelings and behaviour in knowing what to correct. Empathizing with your child on how they feel but letting them know that they cannot behave inappropriately. For example saying "I know you are upset and I understand, but you cannot hit or throw things". Teach your child to take some time to calm down and then deal with the situation.

The importance of being respectful and kind: Being polite and learning to interact with individuals within the home and outside. Something to remember here is to explain to a child that respect and kindness are mutual. Basic manners taught to a child communicate the importance of being polite and considerate.

Spending quality time together: The time you spend with your child in reading to them, playing with them, travelling, etc are all teaching opportunities. Exposing your child to people and cultures other than their own help them open up their minds to learn more. They start to see things from different perspectives and grasp from it. This creates respect and they realize what they have and what needs to be valued.

Teach children to Love: Often we express love to children in a manner we think they understand easily i.e., gifts, rewards and praise. While this does communicate how we feel children need to know that they experience unconditional love. We can disapprove of some of their actions and behaviour and still love them. Saying ‘No' to your child when necessary does not mean you love them less. Do our children understand unconditional love or do they believe that love is experienced only when they get what they want?

Parenting is not an easy task and each child is different. So a thought to remember: Parenting a child and molding a healthy personality is like maintaining a healthy diet. It's a balance of the good and essential aspects while indulging in some fun and relaxed moments that make it memorable.


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