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Ashok was an excellent computer programmer. He was prompt in turning in high quality work, was knowledgeable, and was motivated to do well at his job. He never missed a day of work in six months and was always on time. But he could not get along with his fellow employees. He argued, complained, fought, criticized, and generally got upset with everyone he interacted with. After six months with the company, Ashok was fired. He did not survive in the job because he could not work effectively with other people.

To do your work, to achieve company and personal goals, you have to interact with co-workers, supervisors, clients, and suppliers. Co-workers can facilitate your work and make you appear competent, or they can frustrate your efforts to get something done and make you appear inept. Co-workers make your work interesting, challenging, rewarding, and meaningful.

If you like your co-workers, and they like you, going to work each day is something to look forward to. But if you dislike the people you work with and they dislike you, going to work may provoke anxiety and anger. For any career, interpersonal skills are an absolute necessity.
To survive on the job, you have to be able to build and maintain effective working relationships



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Nice tip to be successful at work place

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So many ground realities are not taken up here, bookish and outer crust of problems seems manageable however people are really struggling to manage issues at workplace with peers and especially boss

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