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 Healthy Recipes

  • 5 festive guilt free sweets

    Indulge in some healthy sweets that are low in calories and rich in fruitiness..and be guilt free this Diwali :)

  • Cucumber & Chick Pea Salad

    An easy healthy and tasty salad to have in summers .Substitute kidney beans ( Rajma ) or black-eyed peas ( Lobia),for chickpeas( Kabuli chana) if you prefer.

  • Banana-Cocoa Soy Smoothie

    Don't have time to cook a proper healthy breakfast , here's a healthy and tasty ,alternative with proteins and calcium .

  • Tandoori Tofu

    Healthy, low calorie high protein dish for vegetarians . Serve with: Grilled eggplant and cherry tomatoes.

  • Ridge Gourd / Bottle Gourd Soup clear soup

    A low calorie light, tasty and healthy soup easy and fast to cook.

  • Frozen Mango Yoghurt

    Beat the heat in the mango season with this healthy desert .

  • Cold Potato Mint Salad

    Substitute the French fries with this tasty, low calorie healthy potato salad

  • Apple-Nut Healthy Dessert

    Apples and nuts are a classic-and healthful-combination. Serve with Vanilla Cream or scoop of vanilla frozen yogurt .

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