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AIDS - What we all need to know

The truth that stares in our face is that "HIV infection is now common in India, exactly what the prevalence is, is not really known, but it can be stated without any fear of being wrong that infection is widespread. It is spreading rapidly into those segments that society in India does not recognize as being at risk. AIDS is coming out of the closet." 

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Aids virus sex sexual concern HIV medication


  • rakeshnegi1991

    Very much informative.

  • nelseq

    You will get a lot of material on the internet. Refer the vancouver aids helpline. Some of the information are as below

    1) It is tough for HIV to pass from one body to another unless through semen or blood
    2) its germs die within fraction of a second when exposed to air.
    3) Using a latex condom while intercourse makes it 99% effective of you not getting it
    4) The virus take 3-4 weeks and max 6 months to get detected once it enters your body and HIV test is only way to know it.
    5) You do not get HIV by fingering or any other kind of foreplay ( in which any other part of your body touches the sexual organ like the vagina,penis until you have a fresh bleeding wound)

  • Siddharth

    lots more to learn but the basics sound good. Its helps.