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Get Organised

Life these days seems to be lived on the run! The whole family rushes to get out of the house dot on time in the morning, and once you are back in the evening there is still so much to do in the few remaining hours. What can help is keeping your home organized - this will save valuable time and you can manage to accomplish all you need to... and still keep your sanity! Read on to learn ways to get organized...

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  • sgb3

    Really good and nicely put. That helps!
    I plan all these but I fail to do and stick on to it.

  • Aparna16

    great article, now i feel - i am right in forcing my family into this habit.

  • Greengrace

    Very interesting article. I already practice almost all of them at home and have been making my family to practice it. At times, I become stubborn and also force my family to follow my rules on keeping the home tidy. After reading your article, it makes me feel, Yes! I am right! :-)

  • Gaurii

    very nice

  • deepaklng

    Great article..

  • sandeep218

    Nice Article!!

  • ArnabCog

    Good advice.

  • hamsadeep

    hey super article!!!

  • revish

    Nice ideas and tips!!