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The 8 smart carbs

All carbs are not created equal !  Find out which ones are smarter and how they help fight diabetes!

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  • kavith

    Starchy foods need not be totally avoided by diabetics. They can be part of a healthy meal plan as long as the amount eaten is controlled. Both potato and sweet potato are rich in something called "resistant starch" which is formed when they are boiled and cooled. Resistant starch offers number of health benefits including gut health, better nutrition absorption etc. (Read more at http://www.precisionnutrition.com/all-about-resistant-starch). Sweet potato has a very low "glycemic index" which means it does not raise the blood sugar levels that much as compared to white bread, glucose, sugar or white rice. This article talks about the fact that these foods need not be totally avoided by diabetics, since they offer other health benefits, but then again, the amount that is eaten has to be controlled. A half cup of mashed potato curry or 1 small boiled potato should be fine ! See more at: http://www.diabetes.org/diabetes basics/myths/#sthash.XTkfK2aq.dpuf

  • kishoram

    Yes my opinion also as same as Kavitha , Please clarriffy it

  • ibm_kavgurus@in.ibm.com

    Hello, I heard Potato and sweet potato raise the sugar level due to high carbohydrate . Here you are recommending those for a diabetic.Could you please explain why?.