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What is Self Confidence?

Self-confidence is an attitude which allows us to have positive, yet realistic views of ourselves and our situations. This article looks at ways in which people with high and low confidence differ and how confidence impacts us.

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  • redbee

    who is writing

  • anks94

    This article really simplifies the topic and makes it very easy to understand. This information would definitely help me identify my strengths and also overcome my limitations

  • AmirK

    Nice article very helpfull.

  • avganesh

    Excellent Article!

  • nitinmagdum27

    very good article, childhood development plays very important role in personality development

  • sachin2915

    worth reading article, v well written bit of solution part would have been cherry on cake


    Child handling is the key

  • pujaagarwal5

    so true . what is the solution to overcome it

  • dawud

    this is more helpful

  • bapuli

    Nice One.

  • juniorRK

    Good, Please give some solution to overcome the problem.

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  • SubhashSubramanyam

    Found it very useful

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    Good one.

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    Nice article..

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    Good one...

  • Abiram

    Low Self confidence people should read atleast..

  • shreesakthi

    Nice article.

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    Very true.

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  • gulzarhussain

    A very nice article to learn the importance self confidence.

  • gulzarhussain

    A very nice article to learn how we build self confidence in ourselves

  • panchugb

    Really Very good article. I love It. Thanks for giving this kind of article to the employees

  • jazz12

    It really helped

  • raghuhck

    The article is really nice.here it has been told to identify strengths.so could you please let me know how can I identify my strengths.

  • Nanda

    Good one...

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    Really very good article,worh reading