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When Couples Fight

All couples fight. If you hear someone saying they never fight, check out if they ever talk! Here are some tips on how to fight so that you both come out winners.

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  • shreeram123

    Be flexible to honest demands made by your partner. No one is big or noone is small.

  • DeepSagar

    Try not to compare or refer the situations with others, try getting a solution by talking instead of saying Look at XXX or YYY and learn from them.

  • jtkrishna

    Simple words and that helps how to be with our partner in life

  • jtkrishna

    Simple words and that helps how to be with our partner in life...

  • geekyashish

    nice, article

  • vinodhsankuru

    + Don't bring up the past mistakes + Talk about only the current situation

  • c0unsel

    When I use 'I' to express how I felt, the reply I get is 'that is your problem then'.

  • Ellen

    We are glad that you liked this article. Do you have other strategies that you have tried and have worked?

  • skrgds

    Good one...

  • shrisarnobat

    Thx for sharing the article

  • testUser1


  • Satishgis

    Simple and helpful

  • Kaniti

    Known thing excepting more tips

  • rajendrasingh


  • dolly1234