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Why you need to release your anger?

Anger which is ignored, avoided, intentionally forgotten, or not acknowledged is repressed anger and it can have a significant impact in our personal and professional lives. As time passes this anger becomes difficult to recognize or identify which may then lead to certain harmful consequences.

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anger frustration repression letting go holding on pain


  • StarTG

    Nice article and so many things to learn!

  • Mohitha44

    Love the normalizing of anger! We need more such opinions in society to facilitate healthy emotional regulation.

  • srinivascbe22

    Sentence is good*

  • scapricon

    Quite often, Anger is released during appraisal and that anger results into very nasty rating given to deserved candidates and when questioned, that person's name goes into "red mark" category and there is always 1 dialogue to it by the manager "change your attitude" - please open a new website for managers to change their attitudes as they need to understand the needs of people that is why they are called "people manager" but not "people damager"

  • scapricon

    The article is good, but the company works in such a way that everyone start holding grudge and harm the subordinates without even knowing how much trouble that particular person is going through. How can this be corrected? Or can be corrected at all since it depends on an individual? his/her maturity to handle things?

  • sanjaytrail

    jai hind jai bharat

  • Sathyajeni