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  • Can Healthy Eating Become An Unhealthy Obsession?

    What are the differences between orthorexia and healthy eating?

  • World Mental Health Day - An Expert Column

    Every year since 1992, the World Health Organization observes October 10th as World Mental Health Day – a day to recognize the effects of mental health issues on people’s lives and spread awareness of the help available. Themes from the last few years include schizophrenia, dignity in mental health and mental health in older adults. This year’s theme - “Psychological First Aid” (PFA) - intends to challenge the popular notion that psychological health is less important than physical health.

  • Psychological First Aid

    Psychological first aid is a set of helping actions that one can engage in to help people feel safe after a traumatic situation. It helps them stay calm regardless of the what the circumstance is, helps them be hopeful for the future and assures physical and emotional support.

  • Domestic Violence

    Domestic violence (also known as domestic abuse or spousal abuse) occurs when a family member, partner or ex-partner attempts to physically or psychologically violate the other. No one, for any reason, deserves to be abused and without help, abuse will continue and is likely to worsen. If you are facing abuse, many resources are available to help you understand your options and to support you. This article gives you further information on this...

  • Work Life Balance

    Balancing work and other aspects of our life is an essential ingredient for a content and happy existence. Without balance, focus is on one area of life at the cost of another. 

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