Maternity Program

Our Maternity services are aimed at enabling organizations to provide a supportive and positive experience for 'Moms-to-be' and 'Mothers @ Work' to ensure attraction and retention of women employees.

Motherhood is a beautiful journey for 'Moms-to-be' and the family, But this journey brings its own set of 'Challenges' for the working Mom-to-be as well as for the Mother @ Work who is trying to do it all. Her 'ecosystem', including her family and the organization in which she works is crucial to her success. Every organization needs to support its employees during this beautiful phase to enable a positive and engaging work environment.

Our Maternity Program is divided into 4 stages

  • Planning for a Baby

  • Pregnant @ Work

  • Maternity Leave

  • Returning Mothers

We offer a wide range of services

Program and Process Design

Design of end to end program for effective management of employees across the 4 stages and ensure linkages to all HR processes and existing programs.

Personal Coaching

Personal coaching session for woman employees with specialised Maternity counsellors.

Consultation by a Nutritionist

Personalised diet plan and consultation by a Nutritionist at each stage.

Workshops for woman employees

Focused workshops for women going on / returning from maternity dealing with specific issues.

Workshops for Managers, HRBP

Awareness workshops for Managers and HRBPs on Dos & Don'ts; and key issues.

Workshops for Expecting Fathers

Focused workshops for expecting fathers.

Self Help Tools, online resources & forums

Access to tools, articles for each stage to build awareness, self-evaluation and development.

Our Enablers


  • Robust Case Management system
  • Dedicated Maternity Portal


ISO 9001: 2008 & ISO 27001:2013 certified processes


  • Qualified Maternity Counsellors with Masters in Psychology and experience of handling 100+ cases on Maternity

  • 100+ Maternity counsellors across 30 locations

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