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  • What is 1to1help and what is an EAP?

    1to1help is the pioneer and leader in the EAP industry in India known for over 20 years of integrity and quality. 1to1help’s services have evolved to meet the unique needs of an extremely diverse India.

    An Employee Awareness Program (EAP) equips and supports you and your organisation as you meet life’s challenges. It offers a range of reliable personalised help from professional counsellors to self-help resources.  

  • How much does it cost?

    1to1help takes all your requirements into consideration and charges your organisation accordingly. Once your organisation partners with 1to1help, your employees bear no cost to avail our services (this however does not cover referrals to other specialists or any add on service that your company has not subscribed for).  

  • What issues does 1to1help assist my employees with and how does this benefit my organisation?

    1to1help can assist you and your employees with a range of things you have on your mind. Whether it’s relationships, work or parenting, we have professionally qualified and experienced counsellors to help give you expert advice.  

    Addictions are hard to talk about with your loved ones, parenting can be difficult to discuss with your partner, relationships can be tough to navigate. We understand and get it. 1to1help is a non-judgmental forum for any conversation your employees want to have so that they can clear their minds and put in their best at work as well as other aspects of their lives.   

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