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Nothing matches the experience of becoming a parent

Maternity Programme

Nothing matches the experience of becoming a parent

The first positive pregnancy test, the first prenatal exam!

These moments are landmarks on a life-changing road. Filled with excitement, this journey is also transformative; and fundamentally alters you physically, mentally and emotionally. 1to1Maternity provides dedicated, relevant and personalized care for your employees to cope and thrive through this transition.

Only 43% of women return to work after giving birth. 57% don't come back. Around 1 in 10 men experience paternal postpartum depression (PPD) after the birth of a child.

Easy and Stress-free

Stage-specific interventions, expert-curated content, assessments and activities for your journey

emotional care

WhatsApp-driven platform that allows for real-time conversations with dedicated maternity counsellors who are familiar with the individual's situation and concerns. 

Care for
your eco-system

Extended support and guidance for expecting and new mothers as well as their spouses, immediate family and managers to navigate this transition. 

maternity counselling

Connect with personal dedicated and qualified maternity counsellors for guidance. 

coping strategies

Maternity stage-specific interventions, expert-curated content, assessments, activities and FAQs to solve all queries. 

member outreach

Members have unlimited WhatsApp reach and a 24-hour response window from their personal maternity counsellor. 

& nutrition

Sessions with expert nutritionists for stage-specific dietary and nutritional guidance. 

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