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  • Reasons Not to Miss Exercise

    Are you one of those who keep skipping the daily exercise? Here's your dose  of motivation!

  • Can Sitting Kill You?

    Is the office chair just another piece of furniture? Or has sitting become the new smoking?

  • Eating Healthy While Managing Hectic Work Schedules

    A healthy body and a healthy mind is what one desires after working so hard day-in and day-out!

  • Why we do have time for Exercise

    Time!! We all have the same 24 hours of the day. Yet people say they have no time! Let's take a look at why we do have time for exercise.

  • Yoga for Life

    On 21st June 2015, the entire world celebrated the first International Yoga Day!

  • Meditation - A Gym for your Mind

    Research suggests that meditation helps to reduce stress, anxiety, blood pressure, pain response and addictions. At Harvard Medical School, researchers discovered that long term practice of meditation increased the activity of our disease fighting genes in the body, thus changing our bodies at a genetic level.

  • Get into the Habit of Waking Early

    Researchers have found that those who sleep past 9 am on weekdays tend to be more stressed, overweight, and depressed than those who get up by 7 am. If you have been a late riser it's not so easy to start waking up early. However, experts say it may be worth making the switch.

  • Early to Bed & Early to Rise

    Some of us are Early risers, meanwhile others need a reason to wake up early in the morning. Are there any "Benefits " for  our health on waking up early? Studies have shown "morning people" are often more positive, more optimistic and more likely to experience satisfaction in their lives.

  • Workplace Ergonomics

    Musculoskeletal disorders (MSD) affect the muscles, nerves and tendons . Work Related MSD including those of the neck, upper extremities, and low back are a leading cause of workplace injuries and illness.

  • High Heels and the Verdict

    High Heels form a very important part of most women's wardrobe but wearing high heels too long and too often could be putting your health at risk.According to studies not only can High heels cause stress fractures, tendonitis and all types of bone spurs but they can also damage other parts of the body leading to arthritis, long term pain and joint pain.

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