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7 power exercises to do at your desk

Lose those extra kilos gained during the festival with these simple exercises.

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exercise diet health weight lose blood stretch walk leg


  • jaykrishna

    It would great if have short video or showing poses. Many thanks in advance!!

  • AsterixObelix

    These are more of stretches. Which one does before main exercise. Someone with zero movement can start stretching with these. But losing weight with these, surely is going to be really tough. Also, please need some photos

  • ibatman

    just text doesnt help. should be accompanies with pictures

  • vanaj

    pictures or videos with exact posture movement visibility will help to do perfectly

  • BedaprakashS

    Videos will definitely help to figure out exercises easily and effectively.

  • gaurav1288

    Please put pictures and videos. It will surely help. I am stilling figuring out how to do Magic Carpet.

  • schilamakurthi

    Video' will help a lot

  • jui7

    Adding exercise poses will surely help

  • poonambhatia01

    quite effective

  • poonambhatia01

    quite effective

  • venkateshannapreddy

    pictures will help a lot.

  • 14625ganesh

    Showing pictures are helping

  • anshumandash

    Some of the suggestions are so complicated. Please add simple pictures or videos.

  • liveyourdream

    Agree that some animated diagrams should help perform these exercises correctly

  • Kenzander

    Pictures will do.

  • Saiyalini

    showing poses will be usefull

  • ibm_mshauche@in.ibm.com

    to add the the above ... Video's would be more effective.

  • 371280

    Showing picture will be more useful