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Resolving Parent-Teen Conflict

When you consider what is going on during adolescence, a certain amount of squabbling and argument isn't surprising. Arguments often arise out of a clash of roles. As they mature, your teenager's job is to gain greater independence from you. Your job is to protect your teenager as much as possible as he or she exercises more freedom and acts more autonomously.

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  • SimratSinsinwar

    Helpful points for conflict management. really emphasizes respectful treatment on both the parent's end and the teen's end as well. Setting ground rules and normalising conflict are also key, in order to prepare for such situations!

  • cameo18

    All the issues mentioned here are accurate. I think all parents must stick this next to their beds and read it everyday.

  • crispymike1

    Some of the issues written here are indeed right. Sleep timings, fighting with siblings, phone chatting, Academic performance and room cleaning Cant these be ever resolved?