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  • Healthy lifestyle while in Quarantine

    In-case you have been asked to self-quarantine (for coming in contact with a person found to be positive with the virus or for having a travel history to any infected areas), here’s how you can maintain a healthy lifestyle –

  • Choosing Toys

    Play is the 'business' of childhood and toys are the tools they use. All kids (and many grown-ups!) love toys and the shops are full of them. So how does one choose? This article can help you see the different uses of a toy. It is not about the price of the toy but how it is valued by your child. Read and know what to buy and how to buy, to help your child have the maximum fun with it.

  • TV and Your Child

    How many hours does your child spend in front of the TV everyday?  Many of us are convinced that our kids (and we ourselves!) cannot live without TV. TV keeps our children entertained and no doubt there are many good programmes on TV that can really be beneficial. But let's take a look at all the things that your child is missing when watching TV.

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