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  • Dealing with Exam Anxiety

    Feeling anxious before an exam is common. While a certain level of anxiety can even be helpful, it is a different matter when this anxiety begins to feel debilitating and doesn't allow one to attempt questions with a relaxed and focused approach. Read this piece to understand how to tackle problems faced due to heightened anxiety during exam time. 

  • Nutrition, to Ace those Exams

    Study leave and exam time is often a period when students tend to ignore eating meals on time. However, given that this is an especially stressful period it helps to pay attention to taking care of one's nutrition requirements. Read this piece to look at how you can take better care of yourself during exam time. 

  • Ways To Support Your Child During Exam Time

    Exam time is a stressful period for everyone involved. What are some of the ways in which you can make sure that you build a supportive environment for your child? Read more to find out! 

  • Nutrition during Exams

    Board Exams! Just these two words can paint the entire picture! At such times, kids can demand for comfort foods like pizzas, chips, chocolates and a whole bunch of junk foods! Instead of giving in to their demands, parents should make sure that the kids eat healthy, nutritious foods. Here are some tips to keep your child's eating right!

  • Exam Time- Stressful Time

    Examination times are not only stressful for children, but parents too! If parents really want to help their children, they need to be realistic and balanced in their approach. It would then be imperative to know what factors are counterproductive to performance, and then work towards overcoming them. Here are some tips on helping your kids deal with exams effectively.

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