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  • Father's Role with the New Baby

    Having a baby is a great new step in one's life. Overnight, your responsibilities and priorities change. It can get a little overwhelming initially but like all things, it becomes a part of our schedule.

  • Being a Hands on and Happy Dad

    Parenting in today's world of working couples and packed schedules can be challenging, more so for a nuclear family. It is no longer just the mother who plays an important role in bringing up baby. Here are some practical suggestions on how dad can be involved and the whole family can benefit. Get ready for the ride of your life, for fatherhood is demanding, challenging but oh-so rewarding!

  • Am I A Good Father?

    Today the word 'Dad' has a whole new meaning over what it meant 30 years ago. Today's father has moved much beyond being mere 'Figure Head', the provider, the protector, the person the kids looked up to but could never approach. The modern dad takes an active role in raising his kids. While the expanded role is definitely a step in the right direction it doesn't come easy to most men. 

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