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  • Stevia and Blood Sugar

    So how does stevia fare in the world of sweeteners? And how does this affect blood sugar?

  • Prediabetes: When you haven't crossed the line, yet.

    Have you been diagnosed with prediabetes?

  • The Effect of 5 Hormones on Your Weight

    How important are hormones in balancing our weight?

  • Exercise for bone health

    Osteoporosis is a serious condition which results in weak bones.  Find out how exercise can help strengthen the bones..

  • Blood Sugar Levels & Weight Loss

    Blood sugar is the glucose in our blood and it acts as a fuel and helps in functioning of the body. When we eat the carbohydrates are converted to glucose (blood sugar). This glucose is needed by the cells for the energy. 

  • Diabetes

    Diabetes is a group of metabolic disorders identified by high blood glucose levels, either because the insulin production is insufficient or it is working inefficiently or both.

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