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  • Dealing With Virtual Fatigue

    The outbreak of COVID-19 has altered our world in several ways. A significant impact of it has been felt on individuals work lives, the majority of which now take place on the digital medium. This shift to the digital workspace has brought along a few challenges too. One among them is that of virtual fatigue. In this article, we deal with what reasons for the occurrence of virtual fatigue and explore ways to combat it.

  • Pregnancy and COVID-19- Questions Answered

    Pregnancy is one of the most joyful and memorable phases of a couple’s life, but many are of the opinion that pregnancy in times of coronavirus outbreak has caused them a lot more to worry than enjoy. The article answers your questions about pregnancy and the novel COVID-19.

  • 7 Easy and Tasty Recipes for Bachelors

    Staying alone and away from home does not mean you need to miss good food. Try these quick, easy to prepare and tasty recipes!

  • Innovative Ways to Eat Healthy while on a Budget

    With escalating costs of food, it may seem like eating healthy is a challenge. However, eating healthy has its benefits, we need to learn how to navigate around these increasing costs while still getting healthy calories.

  • Safe Preparation and Handling of Baby Foods

    Preparing food for your little one can take some time and effort, you may need to carve a small niche for this out of your busy schedule. 

  • Going Green Can Start From Your Plate!

    Nowadays, we are being increasingly aware of environment conservation. 

  • Homework: What, Whys & Woes

    Simple tips to help you set your child up for success by dealing with homework appropriately.

  • 8 Tips To Make Flexible Work A Success

    As a working mother, having a flexible work schedule can be a great blessing. However, it can be messy and muddled up too if not handled well. Here are some tips to help you succeed at this.

  • Jars and Pouches Vs Home Cooked Baby Foods

    Comparing the two provides an idea to the pros and cons of both types of feeds.

  • Sharing Household Responsibilities After Baby Arrives

    Now that you have a child, the number of household chores would have increased greatly. Oftentimes couples get into arguments over who will do what and whether each person is doing their fair share. Here's how you can work out this issue amicably with your spouse and keep your home running smoothly without so much conflict.

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