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  • Hey kids! There's Going to be a New Baby!

    If you are already a parent and are expecting an addition to your family, at some point you will have to break the news to your children that a new baby is coming and will be here to stay! Find out how you can do this so that your little ones feel reassured and prepared.

  • Handling Your Toddler Plus New Baby

    Much has been written about how a child may react once a younger sibling is born. However, little is written about how a mother's feelings towards her first child change in those early months after the birth of her second child. Did you know that mothers may react negatively too? Here's what some second time mothers had to say about having a second child, plus some tips on how to manage your active toddler with the new baby around.

  • Adult Sibling Relationships

    We live at such a frenzied pace that sometimes we have time only for our work and barely manage to squeeze our family into our daily schedule. Here are a few suggestions to enhance your relationship with your siblings.

  • Deciding to have a Second Baby

    Just like the decision to have a first child is a very personal choice, so is the decision to have a second child. Whether one decides to have their second child or third, the truth is that any new addition to the family is bound to bring about changes in the lives of each family member involved.

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