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  • Tips to help you stick to your Fitness Program

    Starting on a fitness program can be fun and exciting, but a lot of people tend to quit 3 months down the road. It helps to be motivated with short term goals that help you keep steady and be focussed.

  • Are you TOFI? Thin Outside Fat Inside!

    Does this concept surprise you? How can a thin person be fat? We usually equate a thin person with good health and fitness. While an overweight or obese person, we may mentally brand is unhealthy and unfit.

  • How much alcohol can Indians consume?

    How much alcohol can Indians consume without impacting their health ?  Read on..

  • Why papaya is good for you !

    Papaya is packed with nutrients and other healthy ingredients.  Read on to know more..

  • How to control calories in the game season

    Summer, holidays and games go well together...watching games on TV, that is !  Find out how to be calorie conscious and control mindless eating while watching your favorite games..

  • 41 toxins in one biscuit !

    Did you know one biscuit contains 41 toxins ?  Read on..

  • Lower your chances of getting cancer

    Take a closer look at how you can lower the chances of getting cancer.

  • Take 10 oaths to stop diabetes!

    Take these 10 oaths today to stop diabetes.

  • Toilet Training

    Toilet training is a topic that stirs up varying emotions in parents. In some homes, this happens almost uneventfully and in others, it can create major power struggles between parents and children, causing a lot of frustration for both.

  • Kids and Household Chores

    Does the idea of getting a young child to help around the house sound strange? We tend to do as much as possible for our children as an expression of our love for them. Rather than thinking that we are burdening our children, we should recognize that we are training our children for life. This article has few useful tips how you can involve your child in everyday routine and get a chance to bond more.


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