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Formula for a Great Marriage

Everyone agrees that there is no perfect marriage or perfect couple - such things exist only in movies or fairy tales! But there does exist a marriage where two people have learnt to accept each other, scars and all. Couples who have had a good marriage seem to have gotten a few things right. Let's see what these things are...

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  • JayashreeYadav

    Very Nice....

  • sonamnagdev

    Nice points:)

  • satya02

    Nice Read

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  • agarw

    very Good article to read out.. inspiration to all couples!!!

  • varesh

    Good One.... very nice article about marriage.

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  • azarmca

    Hmm .Nice Read

  • sridhardinesh

    This says it all "There are no winners or losers here"

  • ashwathy43

    Realistic One!!

  • Magaalaxmi



    Nice Article Thank you.

  • SimiD

    Nice article.Trust and Belief forms the basis for any relationship.Compromise and sacrifice follows...

  • sunil.ramamurthy

    Compromise and Sacrifice two things make life happy.

  • viji18

    eventhough we understand all the things when we are angry, we just forget these things... its a good read liked it.

  • relaxbabe

    Good read. Forget and forgive for a lasting relationship!

  • arj7291

    Reality in every aspect... Loved it

  • sivasankaranb

    makes sense!

  • liveyourdream

    Well described!

  • akanksha.dubey1947@gmail.com

    Very Nice article!

  • Ondipuli

    Hmm.. Like it..:)

  • nihari

    thank you

  • xbbkjme

    Very well written, I especially like the explanation about 'Accepting differences'- When two siblings brought up with similar upbringing by the same parents are so different, why do we expect two people brought up in different families to be alike?

  • asandhu

    Very fact ideas

  • baboons

    Thank you.