EAP Program

The Employee Assistance Program provides a wide range of resources relating to Employee Counselling that help individuals deal with diverse concerns that they may be experiencing either at work or in their personal lives. Professional & confidential counselling services under the EAP Program help individuals find work life balance, manage stress & their emotions more effectively, enhance marriages, work out parenting concerns, equip individuals to cope better with loss and grief, empower people to make decisions, motivates them to achieve goals, deal with addictions including alcohol & substance abuse, & most importantly learn new skills and achieve goals of growth and self development.

Since 2001, 1to1help has been the pioneer and leader in providing effective EAP services to companies across India through customized offerings based on the clients' needs.

We offer a wide range of services

Counselling Services

Counselling services and self-assessment tools on various issues like work related issues, parenting, relationship issues, wellness and self-development. The counselling services are confidential, available 24/7 and can be availed across multiple modes: Face to Face, Telephonic, Online, Chat and Mobile App.

Coaching Services

Coaching services for Leaders, Managers and employees for managing stress at work and building resilience to cope with changes. This enables individuals to lead teams effectively in the VUCA world and manage priorities.

Manager support

Consultation & Referral: Train managers to identify signs of stress in the team and ensure productivity and optimal interpersonal relating, either by empowering individuals to manage their stress or by referrals to the EAP for effective redressal. This enables Managers to proactively manage mental and emotional wellness at workplace to ensure high performance and a positive workplace environment.

Diet and Nutrition Services

Diet counselling for various health and lifestyle issues like weight management, diabetes, blood pressure control, lipid profile control, thyroid disorders, PCOS, nutrient deficiencies, shift work, etc. Promoting healthy eating as a part of a healthy lifestyle.

Self Help tools

Host of assessment tools and articles (developed from real life experiences of our counsellors), related to mental health and emotional wellness, which individuals can use for self-assessment and development.

Critical Incident Stress Management

An adaptive, short-term psychological helping-process that focuses solely on an immediate and identifiable problem. This includes pre-incident preparedness, crisis management to post crisis follow up. As part of this program, CISD is a key offering, which is a crisis Intervention technique for managing stress of a homogeneous group which has undergone a traumatic event.

Other Services

Access to qualified legal and financial professionals to provide advise and guidance on any legal or financial challenges.

Our Enablers


  • Robust Case Management system
  • Easy and interactive Mobile App & Website


ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 27001:2013 certified processes


  • Qualified Counsellors with Masters in Psychology

  • 250+ counsellors across 55+ locations