Prevention of Sexual Harassment at Workplace

1to1help's services for Prevention of Sexual Harassment is aimed towards enabling organizations to provide a safe working place for their employees, as well as ensuring compliance to the Sexual harassment (Prevention, Prohibition & Redressal) Act, 2013.

We are one of the first organizations whose end to end services under the realm of Prevention of Sexual Harassment (POSH) includes providing POSH training amongst other things. Our years of experience in handling issues relating to prevention of sexual harassment at the workplace, combined with our deep understanding of the law, make us a preferred partner when it comes to our customers.


ePOSH is a techno-legal cloud platform in the domain of workplace sexual harassment. The cloud platform enables the organization to effectively manage and redress issues related to sexual harassment at workplace. Using niche technology, the cloud platform acts as a one-stop solution for management and redressal of all workplace sexual harassment compliances. The highlighting features of the portal are:

  • Completely automated complaints management workflow in compliance with POSH Act - 2013
  • Securely upload and store evidences and case related documents using AES 256 bit encryption
  • Customizable online animated training modules for ICC, employees and employer along with recent case studies
  • SMS/Email reminders and notifications regarding upcoming meetings/updates
  • Automated reports in compliance with POSH Act - 2013

We offer the full range of services in POSH and have interventions for each focus area :


  • Training modules for
    • Internal Committee (IC) members - Instructor Led Training
    • Managers - Instructor Led Training
    • Employees - Instructor Led Training, E-module & Video based training in Regional languages
  • Program for Women employees to ensure awareness and to identify appropriate response
  • Awareness campaigns through Mailers & Posters

Prohibition of occurrence

  • Design / review POSH Policy
  • Facilitate IC formation


  • External representation in IC
  • Preventive and Remedial Coaching
  • Counselling services
  • Helpline for Employees

Our Value Proposition

  • 40 + Trained Counsellors on POSH
  • Standard & Proven Training & Tools
  • 65+ companies use our POSH services
  • Experienced counsellors for training sessions & IC representation with proper understanding of psychological dynamics at corporate workplace
  • Case based training on experiences gathered by 1to1Help team
  • Pan India footprint
  • Customised product for each requirement - Face to face training, E module, Video training, Train the Trainer, IC & manager training
  • Sustained partnership with key stakeholders and periodic sensitization/awareness

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